Hedge-laying at Belmount Farm - January 2016

Yet another wintry welcome to our hedgerow management programme and to
new volunteers Jenna, Danny, and Kayleigh! It isn't always wet - honest!!

Hedge-laying at Great Wood - December 2015

Ann teaching Kieran the finer arts of hedge laying!

Woodworking at Bare Lane Station - November 2015

Congratulations to all concerned for the efforts put in on what was a very poor day of 'weather'! Everyone stuck at it and we achieved more than we might have expected.  Thanks to Jenny and Sylvia for use of your vehicles in the absence of the 'unwell' Land Rover! A logistics success!!

Here we are trying to figure it all out!   Then offering up another piece of the jigsaw 

on the platform, surrounded by wood!!  

Construction is complete and the next stage is that of planting. 

How do I get out of this and take cover from the weather?

Hedge-laying at Great Wood School - October 2015

The first hedgelaying of the season along the boundary between

Great Wood and the sheltered housing.  Volunteers hard at work!!

Gardening at Bare Lane Station - September 2015

Clearing brambles to extend the car park border, while few cars parked there

The tubs now contain a colourful variety of flowers

Bee and Butterfly Garden, Silverdale - September 2015

The Bee and Butterfly Garden has been very successful this summer.  There were masses of bees and  butterflies around, especially on buddleia, while we were working in the sunshine on Sunday.  

Copse Management at Belmount Farm - August 2015

Weeding and light pruning of a copse we planted some years ago to hide a large farm building


The Bee and Butterfly Garden, Hazelwood Farm, Silverdale - July 2015

The colours and variety of flowers that had grown up since our last visit and greeted us 

when we went through the gate were astonishing!  Spot the bee on the blue scabious!

Drystone Walling at Hazelwood Farm - June 2015

A large tree had fallen, creating a gap in the wall which was nearly repaired.  

Large, heavy top-stones completed the job.  

Maintenance at Great Wood - May 2015

Luxuriant growth on our recently laid hedges!

Jenny and Pete weeded young trees;  bluebells and pink purslane near the pond

We also ended the day at Bare Lane Station with some weeding


Hedge Maintenance at Belmount Farm - May 2015

A very successful day despite the wet morning!  The hedge restoration work this season has worked really well with new shoots sprouting from the laid stems and new hawthorn plants all coming into leaf.  Thank you to all volunteers who have worked on the hedge this season.

We also did some maintenance work on the wet meadows where the ditches have been dredged by the farmer, Richard Hoggarth.  We collected a load of unsightly litter dumped on the site and also undertook some pruning of the small copse.

Habitat Creation at Hazelwood Farm - April 2015
Our first visit of the season on a very misty day.  
The Bee and Butterfly Garden should be transformed in a few weeks' time

Hedge-laying at Belmount Farm - February 2015

What a lovely productive day we had in the sunshine where we made much
progress to the sound of birdsong, especially oystercatchers and curlews.
Here we see great teamwork from Kate, Tom, Liz, Ann and Abi

Hedge-Laying, Great Wood - December 2014

An easier hedge to lay - one we planted in the 1980s and have laid once before!

Hedge-Laying, Belmount Farm - November 2014
To mark the start of the hedge management season at Belmount farm

This is what we are faced with this year on Raikes Lane!  Before and after shots.  

Water Meadow Management, Belmount Farm - August 2014

The Softrak vehicle in the meadows, towards the end of the cutting weekend
As you can see, a tight fit getting under the railway bridge at Raikes Lane!

Bare Lane Station - July, August 2014
This indicates our work for passengers              Two of the platform tubs in late summer

Middleton Nature Reserve - July 2014

The group enjoying the nature reserve tour with Steve Ryder on Sunday afternoon
which included checking on the two planting tasks that we undertook over the winter

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